Steward Board

Appointed by the Pastor of the local church. Stewards are nominated and confirmed shall serve for a term of one year. To be qualified for this office, one must be of solid piety, know and love the Word of God, the African Methodist Episcopal Church and doctrine. He or she must be fruitful and of good natural or acquired ability to transact the spiritual and temporal business of the church. Stewards are responsible for making an exact account of all money or other provision collected for the support of the pastor of the mission, circuit or station.

Stewards are responsible for the following:

  •             Negotiating full time minister salary and benefits
  •             They shall seek the needy and distress
  •             Attend Quarterly Conference
  •             Petition the congregation to be more liberal in their contributions
  •             Register all baptisms, marriages and death within the congregation
  •             Survey of church membership for accuracy

For more details and full outline of duties, refer to “The Doctrine and Discipline of The African Methodist Episcopal Church”

           Allen Chapel 2021 Steward Board

            Sis. Danita Stanford – Pro tem

            Sis. Glenda Sockwell - Financial Secertary

            Sis. Kenna Brassfield


                        Bro. Reuben Cooper  


Steward Meetings 

The last Monday of each month, 6pm to 7pm.

Bring your Doctrine and Discipline of the A.M.E. Church

Stewardsihip Emphasis:

FAITHFULNESS is one of the rich words in our language. It is as deep as the character and as spacious as the soul. It stands for responsibility and devotion, trust and dependability. It is a beautiful word. Faithfulness with all that it implies is the very soul of stewardship.

"Well done, good and faithful servant, because you have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much"

Matthew 25:21