Financial Commission

Commission on Stewardship and Finance shall promote and cultivate Christian stewardship and administer the financial program of the church. The board is comprised of three (3) member at large, three (3) stewards, three (3) trustees, and the treasurer.


  • Each year the Commission shall set up a budget for the church and shall submit the same to the Official Board for approval.
  • Upon approval of the annual budget from the Offical Board, the Commission shall, under direction of the Offical Board take action to provide the income sufficient to cover same, and shall administer the funds received according to the plan of Offical Board.
  • There shall be an annual "EveryMember Canvas" for individual pledges. All contributions shall be credited to the donors and a proper account shall be kept.
  • Funds received shall be disbursed as the Offical Board directs, subject to the Pastor's approval. The income received each month shall be shared proportionately among the budgeted items, after the pastor's salary and that of the entire church staff shall be given priority.

For more details and full outline of duties, refer to “The Doctrine and Discipline of The African Methodist Episcopal Church”

2022 Finance Commission

Bro.Charles Box Treasurer

Sis. Rodell Marshall- Member at large

Sis. DeSatra Ferguson - Member at large

Sis. Danita Stanford - Steward pro tem

Bro. Reuben Cooper Jr. - Steward

 Sis. Kenna Brassfield - Steward

Bro. Theon Washington - Trustee pro tem









Financial Commission Meetings

Scheduled the 2nd Tuesday of each month, 5pm to 6pm, before Official Board